Redesigning insurance for Rideshare Drivers and Mobility Platforms

Stable is an insurance platform for the shared mobility economy, built specifically for rideshare participants.

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Insurance for the rideshare ecosystem

Rideshare vehicle

Are you a fleet owner or a rideshare driver?

Insurance policies built specifically for you,
fleet owners and ride-share drivers!

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Mobility platform

Do you run a Mobility App like Uber or Lyft?

First of its kind insurance coverage for any mobility app!

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our partners

An authentic revolution in the market of insurers, insurance for drivers made by and for them, insurance made to measure


The perfect insurance for rideshare vehicles is finally here

We provide a delightful insurance experience and detailed analytics to keep you safe. More than just a piece of mind, we are your partner.

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Quickly and efficiently

distributed policies on our web application.

Add-on services

such as proactive steps to lower the risk of accidents.

Helps drivers and fleets

better understand their risk levels.

Offers fast claims

process in case of accident.

Don’t waste hours getting data
over to your insurance partners.

We automate data sharing for both  customers and insurance partners.

Plugged into the mobility platform to pull relevant data

used in real time to better price the policies.

Add-on services

such as proactive steps to lower the risk of accidents.

Offers an automated claims

process in case of accident.

Insurance for Mobility
Platforms like never before

First of its kind insurance coverage for rideshare and micro-mobility platforms’ for cars, e-scooters, bikes and the next cool way to keep us moving! In addition to providing top notch coverage, we integrating the administration and claims experience directly into your app.

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our story

We are rideshare fleet owners, drivers and technologists

that wanted a better insurance experience than what was available in the market. After searching for one with no success, we decided to create our own platform. At Stable, our mission is to revolutionize the way you interact with mobility insurance and understand your risk profile.

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Questions, feedback, feature requests,

we're here for it all.

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