Working with Fleets
To Lower Their Insurance

Stable uses technology to automate
insurance processes and maximize data use
to decrease the probability of claims for our

Stable is the Insurance Solution
Allowing Fleets to Rapidly Grow

Dynamic Underwriting

Stable underwrites multiple times per policy period with real-time data rather than on an arbitrary timeframe solely with historical data. This means a fleet’s premium more truly matches the risks they and their drivers are taking at any given point in time.

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Robust Analytics

Our analytics dashboard arms fleet managers with knowledge of which drivers will lead to claims. And we make it super simple and fast to replace drivers on policies. Best of all, its all included in the price of our insurance.

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Data Moats

Process and technology matter. We’ve devised Stable’s from the ground up and are continually updating to avoid technical debt. While others are working to digitize their distribution, we’re past that and focusing on data collection which will lead to a better ability to reduce risk.


Stable is working with industry leading partners in the insurance space to bring change to commercial auto insurance.



Stable has received support and training from cutting edge accelerators in the space.


Pitch Competitions

Stable has been recognized by leaders in the insurance and mobility space



We are rideshare fleet owners, drivers and technologists

that wanted a better insurance experience than what was available in the market. After searching for one with no success, we decided to create our own platform. At Stable, our mission is to revolutionize the way you interact with mobility insurance and understand your risk profile.

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